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Members and Guests present:  Rodger & Jan Eddy, Howard & Evelyn Freedman, Bill Jabs and his guest Dave Wolmer, Chris Cataldo, Bob Earls, Dave Charvet, Bill Price and Larry & Pat Cox.


Director Bill Jabs called the meeting to order at 7:115 pm and introduced his guest Dave Wolmer.  Dave has been a Portland area resident for 50 years and he said that he loves older cars.


Secretary’s Report:  A motion was passed to dispense with reading last month’s meeting minutes.


Treasurer’s Report:  Treasurer Howard Freedman reported a gross treasury balance of $7,610.41 of which $1,800.00 are fall tour receipts.  The net balance is therefore $5,810.41.


Sunshine Report:  Evelyn Freedman reported that Orville Crull had been in the hospital but was now back home.


Activities Report:  Bill Jabs asked for a report on the recent Strawberry Social.  Several members commented that it had been a beautiful day and very enjoyable event.


Howard Freedman reported on the recent PNR Grand Classic in Sequim.  He said that four of our cars were there and that they did very well in the judging.


Bill Jabs reported on the day tour and picnic in Junction City at members Jerry Szerlip/B.J. Bennett’s beautiful home.  He said that it was a fabulous setting and that the guitar playing of Brooks Robertson was excellent.  About 200 people were in attendance.


Bill also reminded us of the upcoming Forest Grove Concours on July 16th.  He said that they were expecting a record number of about 400 cars to be entered.


Tours Report:  Rodger Eddy said that the Tippy Canoe cruise-in was coming up on July 19th.  We will meet at the Gateway shopping center at 102nd & Halsey and depart at 6:15 pm.  He expects traffic to be heavy at that time.


Howard Freedman gave us a fall tour update and said that he, Rodger, Bob and George had run the tour route recently.  Member Brad Ipsen showed them several great places to stop along the way in the Winthrop area.  Howard said that all reservations for lodging and meals had been made and everything was under control.  Don’t forget the need for passports as we will be going into Canada.  There will be twenty people on the tour.


Newsletter Editor’s Report:  Newsletter editor Larry Schick was not present but Howard said Larry told him that the summer edition of the Hood Release would be sent out by the end of July.


Membership Report:  Bill Price said he had no new news other than to say that he was ready to sign up our guest Dave Wolmer (which happened before the meeting had concluded).


Evening Program:  Bill Jabs reported that he had recently met up with Bill Price and Matt Hackney in San Francisco to visit the Academy of Arts School there.  The academy was founded and has been in the ownership of the Steven’s family since the early twenty’s and unexpectedly they have a huge collection of fabulous classic cars.  Bill showed about 100 slides of cars that they saw and he and Bill Price told what they had learned about some to the most unique ones.


Bill Jabs said that he was in need of a program for our August meeting.  He adjourned the meeting at about 8:15 pm