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Members and Guests present:  Howard & Evelyn Freedman, Mona Marsh & Orville Crull, Bob & Frankie Douglas, Bill Jabs, Matt Hackney, John Imlay, Chris Cataldo, Rodger Eddy, Roy Asbahr, John Mitchell, Bill Price and Larry & Pat Cox.


Director Bill Jabs called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm.


Secretary’s Report:  A motion was passed to dispense with reading last month’s meeting minutes.


Treasurer’s Report:  Treasurer Howard Freedman reported a gross bank balance of $20,686.73 of which $13,580.46 remains to be paid out for our fall tour leaving a net balance of $7,106.27


Sunshine Report:  Pat Cox commented that it was good to see Evelyn at the meeting.  She asked Bill Jabs to report on Dave Walmer who had just undergone colon surgery.  Bill said that Dave was recuperating and that he also needed to have a hernia surgery soon.


Activities Report:  Bill Jabs said that a flyer for the upcoming Halloween Party had been blasted out and he had printed copies to hand out for all who wanted one.

Bill also reviewed the following activities that would take place before the end of the year:

·        November 10th meeting of the board at Freedman’s garage to plan next year’s activities.

·        November 18th Annual Meeting at Tualatin Country Club.  Howard Freedman said that he will need a head count so he can finalize arrangements with TCC.  Bill said that he needs suggestions for the entertainment and there was discussion on possible options but no final determination was made.

·        December 9th Holiday Potluck.  Bill said that over the past few years there has been much discussion as to making a venue change for this annual event or to even discontinue it.  He felt that we needed to consider three options:  continue as in the past, combine CCCA and Packard clubs at a different location, or to discontinue the Holiday Potluck entirely.  He initiated a conversation that generated many ideas.  Though no final decision was made, a show of hands seemed to favor continuing the holiday potluck but move it to the Stockpot in Beaverton and make it a joint CCCA and Packard Club event that would take place on either 12/9 or 12/15.

·        Election of new board members needs to occur before the Annual Meeting.  Bill reviewed the board positions and noted those that are at the end of their terms.  He asked for nominations and there were none given.


Tours Report:  Bob Douglas gave a complete review of the happenings on our fall tour and he thanked the tour committee and Bob Newlands & Jan Taylor for doing such a great job of planning and executing another wonderful tour.

Howard Freedman thanked Bob for his part in the success of the tour and said that next year the Pacific Northwest Region caravan was on the same week that we usually commit for the fall tour.  He suggested that we consider going a week earlier or later than usual.


Newsletter Editor’s Report:  Editor Larry Schick was not present but Bill Jabs reported that the Hood Release would be ready to mail out in about a week and said that it will include coverage of the fall tour.


Old Business/New Business:  Howard Freedman said that the previously approved $500 donation to national CCCA for computer software upgrades was now needed and would be sent out.


Bill Jabs said that he needed someone to present the program for next month’s meeting.  There were no volunteers so he appointed Bill Price.  Bill Jabs then called on John Imlay to give a report on his recently acquired 1937 Packard V12.  John did a great job, complete with slide presentation, of telling us about his experiences in getting the car in tip top running condition.  He concluded his talk by saying that he “absolutely loves that car!”


Bill adjourned the meeting at 7:50 pm.