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Members and guests present: Howard Freedman, John Imlay, Larry Schick, Larry & Pat Cox, Rodger & Jan Eddy, Dave Charvet, Mona Marsh & Orv Krull, Bill Price, Roy Asbahr, Matt Hackney, Don Lachman

The meeting was called to order at 6:53 pm by Larry Cox

Secretary’s Report: While there was a bit of going back and forth on this one, a motion was finally passed to dispense with the reading of the minutes from the last meeting.

Treasurer’s Report:

-        Currently, $7,161.92 and something about $180 in the drawer.  $303.54 is for the September Fall Tour.  Net $6,981.92 - I think.

Sunshine Report:

-        Pat Cox indicated that there was no one at present under the weather.  There was a few minutes’ discussion of the Corona Virus, who is susceptible, how to avoid, and the effects on the market, travel etc.

Activities Report:

-        Larry reviewed the Valentines Brunch which was a great success with over 40 in attendance.  Thanks to Howard, Tamera,

-        Howard talked about the Ladies Tea coming up on May 16th.   A new venue in Battle Ground has been found which looks a little rough on the outside, but is apparently delightful on the inside.

-        John Imlay and Dave Charvet reviewed details of the March 21st tour to World of Speed, Dave’s Newberg man cave, and the Yamhill County Heritage Museum.  A signup sheet was passed around again.  So far 23 signed up.    

-        John spoke about the details of the April 18th wine country tour – a signup sheet was passed around.

-        Larry briefly spoke about the May 2-3 Eugene area tour being set up by George and Sylvia Potter – there will be a BBQ at the Potter’s place as part of the tour, $5 fee for that plus a $5 parking fee for some other part.  Flyer is ready and full details to come.

Tours Report:

-        Howard stated that the September tour is currently slightly overbooked.  Ferry reservations cannot be made until 7AM on April 21st.  Howard will be standing by his phone ready to call!

Membership Report:    

-        Larry recognized our newest member, Don Lachman, along with Ronald Wilson and Tony Schick who were not present.  Larry Schick indicated that he had worked on Pat Brothers with a well worded guilt trip to get him to join the club as well.  Hopefully, that will come to fruition. 

Webmaster Report:

Publications Report:

-        Larry Schick said he is doing his best to have the winter edition wrapped up in Mid-April.  He was waiting for his co-editor to finish something else he was working on.  George Potter – his life, cars etc., will be featured.

Old Business: 

-        None

New Business:

-        Dave Charvet indicated that he is now on the Forest Grove Concours Advisory Committee.  They have been working on shortening the list of classes and reducing the time it takes to do the awards ceremony at the end of the show.  He proceeded to read the shortened list of classes.  Matt said the 2020 show will feature Jaguar and the theme will be Visions of Elegance.   Not yet 100% sure what that means. 


-        John Imlay did a presentation on the ongoing expansion at PDX airport which morphed into a general discussion of the airport and how things work there.  Lively discussion!

The meeting was adjourned around 7:50 pm.