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Members and Guests present:  Bill & Mary Jabs, George & Sylvia Potter, Howard Freedman, Bob Douglas, John Imlay, Rodger Eddy, Roy Asbahr, Bill Price, Bob Earls, Larry Schick, Mike & Miles Eshaia, and Larry & Pat Cox.


Director Bill Jabs called the meeting to order at 10:08 am and introduced Mike & Miles Eshaia.

Miles is the chairman of the annual Lake Oswego classic car and boat show.  He reviewed the history of that event and said that they wanted to feature full classic cars next year.  He is hoping we can participate and field about twenty cars.

Bill requested that both Oregon CCCA and the Packard club get recognition.  Miles agreed that something can be worked out.  Miles also suggested that we bring other unique cars to display that are not full classics.  The show is on August 25th.


There was much discussion about possibly of changing the location of our monthly membership meetings.

Bill assigned the task of looking into options that were discussed to Larry Schick, Bob Douglas and Howard Freedman.  He requested they report on their findings at our next meeting.


Bill asked for input from board members on whether to continue with tech sessions next year.  The discussion did not seem to generate a clear answer but Howard suggested that Larry Cox repeat the ignition system presentation that he gave last year.  Larry was agreeable and March 16th was selected for his presentation.


Bill asked for input on tours for 2019 how many, where and when.

Howard suggested a one day garage tour to see the Bob Ames collection.  Bill thought that a one day tour that visited two garages with lunch in between might be feasible.  A date of April 13th was selected for our day tour.

For our overnight two day tour next year, it was decided to visit interesting places in and around the Eugene area.  Bill asked George Potter to coordinate that tour and  the dates of May 4th and 5th were selected.

Several options for our annual fall tour were discussed but the predominant one was to mimic a tour that Bill and Mary Jabs had recently taken with their Model A club.  It headed east and north from Portland and included Coeur d Lane, Idaho as one of the stops.  September 7th thru 15th was selected for the fall tour.  Sylvia Potter suggested that we consider not having an organized social hour every night and not to have one on nights that we have a group dinner.  All in attendance agreed.


For next years combined July membership meeting and BBQ, Bill Price passed along a suggestion by Mona Marsh that we consider the End of the Oregon Trail Park in Oregon City.  Roy Asbahr said that he has a friend that works there so he (Roy) will check it out.  July 11th was selected for the membership BBQ meeting.


Bill Price also offered to lead a combined Or CCCA/Packard Club backroads tour to the annual Jordan Chicken Run in September next year on the 22nd.


Bill Jabs said that the monthly Brake Cables newsletter would continue unchanged next year.  He asked Larry Schick to inform the group of any changes with the Hood Release.  Larry said that his daughter Laura would not be continuing on as editor next year but he will enlist his wife Pat to take her place.


Bill said that Mary has offered to set up Facebook and Instagram accounts to improve our exposure and have more communication options.


In addition to the above listed event dates, the annual Valentine Brunch was scheduled for February 10th, the Ladies Tea on May 11th, Strawberry Social on June 15th, Pumpkin Tour on October 5th or 6th, Halloween Potluck on October 27th, 2020 Planning Meeting on November 9th, Annual Banquet Meeting on 11/27, and the Annual Holiday Potluck on 12/8.


Bill suggested that whenever possible the Packard Club should be included in our tours and events.

He adjourned the meeting and, thanks to Howard, we had a nice lunch before going home.